Deacon James Keating PhD – Director of Theological Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation


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Institute for Priestly Formation  presents

Resting on the Heart of Christ with
Deacon James Keating PhD


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Deacon James Keating

Deacon James Keating“Marriage in the Lord:  Poured Out for Love” and “Communion in Christ: Practical Prayer”
hosted by Kris McGregor are now available as CD Audio Sets at


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Spirit Morning Show Appearances:

Deacon James Keating, PhD, the director of Theological Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation, located at Creighton University, in Omaha,

Poor Souls, Purgatory, Praying for the Dead…Yes, Virginia, there is a Purgatory

OK, First…Purgatory, it’s a good thing. While no one knows exactly (though various mystics have attempted to convey what they experienced by way of their prayer) what will happen there, we do know that if we end up in Purgatory we should be extremely happy since we are most definitely headed for heaven. No one in Purgatory is sent to hell (Yeah!).

First Stop in this exploration is to listen to Deacon James Keating of Institute for Priestly Foramtion with one of the best discussions Bruce and I ever had on the Poor Souls and Purgatory.

IP#47 Deacon James Keating– A Deacon’s Retreat on Inside the Pages

No stranger to Discerning Hearts, Deacon James Keating once again takes us all into the depths of our interiority with “A Deacon’s Retreat”. Yes, written primarily for deacons of the Church, as usual, this work is a wonderful spiritual work that can touch us all.  Deacon Keating uses the setting of our great prayer, the […]