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Fifth Antiphon –
December 21st: O Oriens

O Radiant Dawn,[1] Splendor of Eternal Light,[2] Sun of Justice;[3] Come and shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death.[4]

The Lord here is invoked as the Light of the World[5] coming as the real sol invictus at the end of time calling us out of darkness into his own wonderful light.  The gloom of mid-winter can be seen as the hopelessness of ancient paganism or our own contemporary angst from which we desperately need deliverance.

[1] Zech. 6:12

[2] Heb. 1:3

[3] Mal. 4:2

[4] Luke 1:78

[5] John 8:12

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The O Antiphon reflections are from Musings: Liturgical and Charismatic authored by Fr. Giles Dimock, O.P. and published by Discerning Hearts®

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