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Day 8 – The Celestial Choir of Archangels – St. Michael and the Holy Angels Novena

V/. O God, + come to my assistance
R/. O Lord, make haste to help me.

Glory Be

Day 8 – The Celestial Choir of Archangels

The ARCHANGELS primary duty, as is clear from their appearances in Scripture, is to carry out the will of God as it relates directly to humanity. They bring to the world the prayerful blessings of the Lord and the special concern of God for each and every human life. It is for that reason that the archangels—like their close counterparts the Angels—are said to intervene so regularly in the affairs of men and women, be it on a battlefield, in an impending disaster, or in the private anguish and sorrow of the living. In each case they impart a portion of their immense compassion and love, giving comfort, solace, or fortitude at the darkest of moments.

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By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Archangels, may the Lord give us perseverance in faith and in all good works, in order that we gain the glory of Paradise. Amen

Our Father …Hail Mary

O GLORIOUS Prince St. Michael, chief and commander of the heavenly hosts, guardian of souls, vanquisher of rebel spirits, servant in the house of the Divine King, and our admirable conductor, thou who dost shine with excellence and superhuman virtue, vouchsafe to deliver us from all evil, who turn to thee with confidence, and enable us by thy gracious protection to serve God more and more faithfully every day.

V/. Pray for us, O glorious St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ.
R/. That we may be made worthy of His promises.

Almighty and Everlasting God, Who by a prodigy of goodness and a merciful desire for the salvation of all men, hast appointed the most glorious Archangel, St. Michael, Prince of Thy Church, make us worthy, we beseech Thee, to be delivered from all our enemies that none of them may harass us at the hour of death, but that we may be conducted by him into the august presence of Thy Divine Majesty. This we beg through the merits of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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