St. Joseph 30 Day Prayer, text and mp3 audio download

Thirty Day Prayer to St. Joseph

For Any Special Intention – In honor of the 30 years He spent with Jesus and Mary. This prayer may be said during any 30 days of the year.
“A blameless life, St. Joseph, may we lead, by your kind patronage from danger freed.”

Ever-blessed and glorious Joseph, kind and loving father, and helpful friend of all in sorrow! You are the good father and protector of orphans, the defender of the defenseless, the patron of those in need and sorrow. Look kindly on my request. My sins have drawn down on me the just displeasure of my God, and so I am surrounded with unhappiness. To you, loving guardian of the Family of Nazareth, do I go for help and protection.

Listen, then, I beg you, with fatherly concern, to my earnest prayers, and obtain for the favors I ask.

I ask it by the infinite mercy of the eternal Son of God, which moved Him to take our nature and to be born into this world of sorrow.

I ask it by the weariness and suffering you endured when you found no shelter at the inn of Bethlehem for the holy Virgin, nor a house where the Son of God could be born. Then, being everywhere refused, you had to allow the Queen of Heaven to give birth to the world’s Redeemer in a cave.

I ask it by the loveliness and power of that sacred Name, Jesus, which you conferred on the adorable infant.

I ask it by that painful torture you felt at the prophecy of holy Simeon, which declared the child Jesus and His holy Mother future victims of our sins and of their great love for us.

I ask it through your sorrow and pain of soul when the angel declared to you that the life of the Child Jesus was sought by His enemies. From their evil plan you had to flee with Him and His Blessed Mother to Egypt. I ask it by all the suffering, weariness, and labors of that long and dangerous journey.

I ask it by all your care to protect the Sacred Child and His Immaculate Mother during your second journey, when you were ordered to return to your own country. I ask it by your peaceful life in Nazareth where you met with so many joys and sorrows.

I ask it by your great distress when the adorable Child was lost to you and His Mother for three days. I ask it by your joy at finding Him in the Temple, and by the comfort you found at Nazareth, while living in the company of the Child Jesus. I ask it by the wonderful submission He showed in His obedience to you.

I ask it by the perfect love and conformity you showed in accepting the Divine order to depart from this life, and from the company of Jesus and Mary. I ask it by the joy which filled your soul, when the Redeemer of the world, triumphant over death and hell, entered into the possession of His kingdom and led you into it with special honors.

I ask it through Mary’s glorious Assumption, and through that endless happiness you have with her in the presence of God.

O good father! I beg you, by all your sufferings, sorrows, and joys, to hear me and obtain for me what I ask. (request)

Obtain for all those who have asked my prayers everything that is useful to them in the plan of God. Finally my dear patron and father, be with me and all who are dear to me in our last moments, that we may eternally sing the praises of JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH.

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  1. I ask for prayers that my daughter recover from her addiction to heroine and alcohol. I ask it for my grandson that our family becomes whole again.

  2. Pray that we hear and have the means necessary to obey God’s will perfectly through the intercession of St. Joseph. Instruct us, dear Lord, and send us help and guidance to be faithful to You. Provide human and spiritual strength and guidance. Provide wisdom to accomplish Your will. Amen. Lord, we thank You for hearing our prayers and await Your provision and assistance. Safeguard the men and women and children we know from dangers of the soulish realm. We thank You for giving us St. Joseph as model of chastity, strength, wisdom, protection, guidance and obedience. Amen.

  3. Dear Saint Joseph, and friends
    I pray for financial help, so I may return to my home, and find peace of mind, job, health, and a sincere friend, and companion.
    Hope I am not asking to much
    But I trust in God, jesus Mary and Joseph, and all the angels and saints.

  4. St Joseph I beg you help me and my whole clan to be freed from bondage. Have mercy on us that my sons will find better jobs. Allow us the miracle to speedily sell our home property at a good price and materialize it on Feb 2019. Amen.

  5. I ask that my son and and daughter come back to the catholic church. I ask that my sister open her mind and heart to the Lord and believe in His love and mercy for her. And for the conversion of all sinners in the world. For all my brothers in my family, and for all my brothers and sisters in Christ. For the Holy Mother Church, its good and pure priests, bishops, archbishops, and deacons who TRULY love the Lord and adhere to his TRUTHS! No more abuse of children and seminarians from immoral and abusive clergy. May they be excommunicated and banned forever! AMEN.

  6. Lord Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph
    Thank you for all your blessings
    All my prayers answered
    Nothing would have been possible
    With out your blessings

  7. Dear St. Joseph pls help us financially by selling one of my dad’s property, enough to be able to pay for all expenses needed to start our projects. Pls also enlighten our family to be one in our values and commitment: john, alma, iris, vito jr., john jr., ma. rosario luz, carlo, joana, ellen, arian and martin.

  8. Dear St. Joseph, please pray to your foster son our Lord Jesus Christ that He will lay His Healing Hands on my sister’s eyes, recreate the eye balls and restore eyesight in both her eyes.

  9. O St. Joseph we for your intercession on behalf of my husband Thomas. Please pray that God Almighty will grant him long life, healthy life and a peaceful life until the age of 95. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.

  10. I pray that, if it be God’s will, I return to live in Omaha. God knows my need for a job and home to make that happen. I pray that St. Joseph intercede for me and let me surrender this prayer to St. Joseph to intercede to the Trinity on my behalf.

  11. Holy miracle to save the life of a Ali Saleem Dalo to gets his green card social security number work permit to stay in America he cannot go back to Iraq he will be KILL we need a Holy miracle

  12. Pray for healthy relationships in my family. For personal healing of my foot, my cousin, keith my friend Grace, my husband all family members. Peace in home and community. Pray for Guidance and protection of us all .

  13. I pray for my dacaughters Virginia and Jacquelyn to live together and take care of my 2 granddaughters. Virginia and Terry is very domestic violence around the kids. Since they cant get along for both them to find someone else in there life. I pray for them to find someone else before they hurt each other and there kids in violence. And Jacquelyn to be more patient and understand of what is happening in Virginia life. May GOD bless all of them to find more LOVE for each other. Thanks in Jesus name I pray. Thanks.

  14. I Pray for love of Christ in the family, peace in the family, health and happiness.To live a life pleasing to the Lord.
    A forgiveness and mercy for the world, a miracle, a change in the world. A safe and secured place for animals and love for nature in the world. A Prayer for Peace and Harmony.

  15. I pray for my daughter get a good permanate job to care for her daughters safety. There father find someone to love him. Pray for myself a financial blessing to repair my mother homes. And to remove diabeties out of my life.

  16. Saint Joseph intercede for my 2 homes to be repaired so I will be able to return and live in peace and to owe my heart ❤️ and soul only to the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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