The Prayer of the Hebrew Scriptures – Prayer in the Catechism with Fr. Benedict Groeschel

The Prayer of the Hebrew Scriptures – .  Fr. Groeschel discusses the experience of Abraham, Moses, the Maccabees.  He shares the beauty of the Psalms.  He speaks of the importance of the Christian enter the mystery of prayer found in the Hebrew Scriptures  (Old Testament of the Bible).


This program features Fr. Benedict Groeschel teaching and talking about the Catechism and the Bible with an emphasis on prayer. His discussion of prayer is based on the premise that an essential condition of prayer is devotion- the belief that God is listening and cares for us. In “Prayer in the Catechism”, Fr. Groeschel discusses the various kinds of prayer, including a special emphasis on using scripture when praying. The catechism contains basic Christian teaching formatted for learning and understanding. More information about the Catechism of the Catholic Church may be found on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website.

Benedict Joseph Groeschel, CFR is a Catholic priest, retreat master, author, psychologist, activist and has hosted several television programs. He was the director of the Office for Spiritual Development for the Catholic Archdiocese of New York as well as associate director of Trinity Retreat and the executive director of The St. Francis House. He was professor of pastoral psychology at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York and an adjunct professor at the Institute for Psychological Sciences in Arlington, Virginia.

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