St. Clare, pray for us – a model for the discerning heart…In Conversation with Sr. Joan Mueller

Enter into the life story 0f St. Clare’s life by listening to one of the best storytellers we know…Sr. Joan Mueller.  She is enthralling!!!Sr.-Joan-Mueller

St. Clare of Assisi,  cofoundress of the Order of Poor Ladies, or Clares, was the first Abbess of San Damiano; born at Assisi, 16 July, 1194; died there 11 August, 1253.


One of the best DVD’s we  have ever seen on the life of Clare and Francis is (and we’ve seen them all) the newest distributed by Ignatius Press. Clare is portrayed as a woman in love with Christ, not a starry-eyed hippy pining over Francis.  And she gets equal time…finally. This film is perfect!

If you ‘d like to see her life summed up in a quick read try here.

A personal reflection reflection on St. Clare by Kris McGregor:

In 2007, I had a chance to visit Assisi…I just wanted to be near St. Clare.  I didn’t plan it, but my hotel ended up being right across the street from St. Clare’s Basilica (it seems wrong to call it a street, it’s width is so small).  Really early one morning, I just couldn’t sleep so I got up and began walking around outside of the Basilica.  No one was out, all the shops closed, the sun was just coming up.  On a whim I thought I would see if the doors of the church were open (thinking to myself  of course they wouldn’t be), but to my surprise they opened.  So I entered.  No one was around.  I saw steps leading down to a lower level.  I stepped over the rope blocking the entrance (boorish American that I am) and walked down.  The path led down to an area that had a display of relics, like clothing and other items (I assumed they were Clare’s) and then I turned around and saw something incredible…the crypt of St. Clare.  It stopped me in my tracks, so much so that I had to remind myself to breath again.  I quietly walked over to the enclosure grates that blocked off getting any closer.  I knelt down, and I just started to weep…I just couldn’t help it.  It was so quiet, it was such a gift.  I began to pray. I brought to St. Clare all the petitions I held so deeply in my heart.  And when that was done, silence filled the space. After about 10 minutes, out of nowhere, I could here the sound of the Poor Clare Sisters in the distance chanting their morning prayers.  I knelt at that spot, for a good 30 minutes or so, all alone with St. Clare.  I then got up, praised God for this special moment and left the basilica.  She’s been with me, in a special way, ever since.  St. Clare, pray for us.


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