SCS5 – “The Supreme Truth” and other topics – St. Catherine of Siena with Fr. Thomas McDermott O.P.

Fr.-Thomas-McDermottEpisode 5 St. Catherine of Siena: Her Life and Teachings with Fr. Thomas McDermott

St. Catherine of SienaIn this episode, Fr. McDermott  begins a more generalized discussion on the teachings of St. Catherine of Siena.

Fr. McDermott speaks of “The Dialogue” and how it came to be.  Some of the basic teachings of St. Catherine are presented such as “The Truth of God the Father”.  He relates the motto of the  Dominican order, “Veritas” (Truth), was foundational for St. Catherine.  The Supreme Truth about God and the truth of the human person.  Fr. McDermott also touches on St. Catherine’s teachings on sin, selfish self-love in particular.  How do we arrive at “truth”?  Prayer is key, along with the Scriptures and the Sacraments.  Also St. Catherine’s teachings on discernment, humility, love, patience and obedience, as well as, the doctrine of deification, is addressed.

Fr. Thomas McDermott, OP is Regent of Studies for the Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great and is the author of “Catherine of Siena: Spiritual Development in Her Life and Teaching” (Paulist, 2008) and “Filled with all the Fullness of God: An Introduction to Catholic Spirituality”. He obtained a doctorate in spiritual theology from the Angelicum and taught for several years at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis. He crrently serves as pastor at St. Vincent Ferrer, in Chicago, IL.

Our series is based on “Catherine of Siena”
by Fr. McDermott


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