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Value 4 Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Love part 1 “Truth and Freedom”

From episode … 4. Truth, Freedom, Justice, and Love part 1 “Truth and Freedom”

These are the four values of the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church as they’re enumerated in the Compendium and as they were laid out by, again, Blessed Pope John XXIII in Mater et Magistra and Pacem in Terris. Without these values, the work of social justice becomes an albatross around our necks. It pulls us down, threatening to poison all the work we do, no matter how well-intentioned.

When charity lacks truth, as Pope Benedict XVI states, it can be filled with every whim and agenda and becomes the opposite of itself. Truth is the truth of the fundamental dignity of the human person, a dignity we can only fully appreciate in the encounter with Christ.

A freedom that requires self-destruction is no freedom at all. Authentic freedom is the ability to do what is good, but this requires that we know the truth about the good.

(Justice and Love covered in proceeding episodes)

True social justice requires that we drop these paradigms of opposition: management vs. labor; bourgeois vs. proletariat; state vs. individual. We own the great Catholic both/and. It applies to the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church more than ever.

Deacon Omar F. A. Guiterrez, M.A., studied Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and at the Angelicum in Rome. He holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Theology from the University of Dallas. He has worked for the Church in various capacities including as a teacher and administrator. His expertise includes Catholic Social Teaching, and his writings on the subject have appeared in several national Catholic newspapers and periodicals. He’s also the author of “The Urging of Christ’s Love:  The Saints and The Social Teaching of the Catholic”

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