A Novena in Honor of Ven. Bruno Lanteri Day 8 – Mp3 audio and Text

A Novena in honor of Ven. Bruno Lanteri, founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary

Day 8 – Overcoming Excuses for being SadFr. Timothy Gallagher – Discernment of Spirits 1

“It is necessary to notice that many times these sufferings are products of our imagination, and a joyful spirit dispels them easily. In fact, many times they are trifles, or even without any foundation whatsoever. For example: a person forgets to greet someone because of a distraction, causing that person to presume it is out of malice or scorn. Or again, a word comes from the mouth of someone–perhaps in simplicity or jest–and it is immediately interpreted as an offense. Many times the disgust is disgust because we want to be disgusted, like spooked horses who jump backwards not because there may be an occasion for fear, but because they themselves create the fear.

…As for true and real tribulations and adversities, notice that if they are not taken with a joyful abandonment to God, they will become much heavier! They will damage the spirit and lead to impatience, lack of charity, murmuring against God, and even against one’s own body. Drive sadness far away from you, for sadness brought death to many (Sirach 30:23). Thus, afflictions of soul, desolations, desperation–see how they foster more sadness!

…Yes, these things impede joy if one looks upon them with a worldly eye, if one seeks their causes in the earth, or in creatures, and does not look upon them with the eye of faith, or does not believe that all comes from God… nothing happens contrary to His will. And it is from God our father–he is a father like no other father–who permits all things for our good, so may we reflect on the grace attached to it and the reward prepared for us.”

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you created me in your plan of love. You created all the things on the face of the earth to help me find true happiness. Fully aware of my weakness, I resolve this day to accept with joy whatever you permit to happen, for I know that all things work for good for those who love God (Romans 8:28).

Daily Novena Prayer 

Venerable Bruno Lanteri, I come to you confident in the words of Jesus: Ask and you shall receive (Matthew 7:7). You said, “It is impossible to hope too much; the one who hopes for everything attains everything.” You taught that the greatest miracles are those that change the heart. Through your intercession, may the good God, whose infinite mercy surpasses all the malice of the world, console my heart and grant my request.

By your prayers keep my poor heart in peace, protect me from discouragement, and help me to serve God with a holy joy. Amen.

O Father, fountain of all life and holiness you gave Father Bruno Lanteri great faith in Christ, your Son, a lively hope, and an active love for the salvation of his brethren. You made him a prophet of your Word and a witness to your Mercy. He had a tender love for Mary and by his very life he taught fidelity to the Church. Father, hear the prayer of your family and, through the intercession of Fr. Lanteri, grant us the grace for which we now ask…. May he be glorified on earth that we may give you greater praise.

We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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