Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady … In Conversation with the late Fr. Joseph Langford


There are endless collections of reflections on the life, teachings, and works of  Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta…all wonderful and worth exploration.  One however stands out for me, and that is the writings of the late Fr. Joseph Langford, co-founder with Mother Teresa of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers.  In particular, “Mother Teresa:  In the Shadow of Our Lady”

Join Bruce and I as we talk with Fr. Langford about Mother Teresa and Our Lady

“Stay very close to Our Lady. If you do this, you can do great things for God and the good of people.” –Mother Teresa of Calcutta

As it was for Mother Teresa, so it can be for the rest of us. By standing close to Our Lady we can find the grace and courage to overcome our own personal trials and crosses. Summon the same powerful presence and aid of Our Lady by following the example of Mother Teresa. From dawn to dusk, decade to decade, Mother Teresa’s life had been spent, in every sense of the word, in the shadow of Our Lady. Our Lady helps us, as Mother Teresa found in her vision, to become contemplatives at the foot of the cross–to discover God’s presence and love, even in the midst of our trials and dark nights. Nothing was impossible for Mother Teresa while she clung to Our Lady, and as Mother Teresa tells us, “nothing is impossible for all who call Mary mother.”

imagesCA75WI0K“Sitting with Mother Teresa, watching her tend to the sick and the dying, feeling the aura of holiness around her person, seeing her bent in prayer, lost in God–how often I asked myself if I was not seeing something of Our Lady, experiencing a glimpse of the Virgin of Nazareth” –-Author and co-founder of Mother Teresa’s priests’ community, Joseph Langford, MCIn-The-Shado-Of-Our-Lady


This is a very special book, check it out!

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