Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 6 – Mp3 audio and text


Holy Mother Mary,
again I come before you as your child.
I pray with all my heart and mind
for all of God’s pilgrim people.

Pray for me, dear Mother,
for a greater understanding
of the wonderful gift of Christ
in the Eucharist.
Help me to see in this most Blessed Sacrament,
Christ Himself,
the great and unending gift of the Father.
Help me, Mary,
to feel the nearness of my Lord.
Through the celebration of the Eucharist,
He truly touches me;
He feeds me by His divine sacrifice,
His death and resurrection.

So abundant is God’s love
through this Sacrament.
May I ever see this love,
this grace,
and live as a child of God,
a child of light.

At Mass, dear Mother,
our entire salvation unfolds before my eyes.
Jesus, our Savior, comes to us,
as the wonderful sacrifice
to the Father is renewed.
What a loving Father we have,
and how endless is His love
and mercy for all of us!

Mary, Mother of God,
keep me mindful of this great gift
of the Eucharist.

Please pray with me now,
dear Mother,
for these special needs of mine.


Ask our blessed Lord
to keep me ever united to Him,
and always close in prayer to you.


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