IP#211 Dr. Taylor Marshall – A Pope Francis Special Edition of Inside the Pages

So good to talk once again with Dr. Taylor Marshall.  This time he offers us his insights on the newly elected Pope Francis.  We discuss the surprise of his selection and some of Dr.-Taylor-Marshallthe anxiety some people are having about this “unknown” cardinal from Argentina…will he continue the legacy of Bl. John Paul and Pope Benedict or will he journey on another path?  Dr. Marshall explores several issues that conservatives, traditionalists, as will as liberals and progressives, may have with our Holy Father;  he expresses the importance of trusting the Holy Spirit and allowing the Father in Heaven to reveal His plan for us…receive the peace of Christ Jesus.  Dr. Marshall explores the love Pope Francis has for the Blessed Mother and why it was significant that one of  the Holy Father’s first stops was to the crypt of St. Pius V the day after his election.  He then shares with us the devotion to Mary, Untier of Knots, promulgated by Pope Francis while he served as a cardinal.  Then Dr. Marshall talks about what can be learned by the “New Evangelization”  by looking at the “Old Evangelization”.  Great insight once again by the good doctor, Taylor Marshall.




You can find the book here

Be sure to visit Dr. Marshall’s excellent Catholic Blog “Canterbury Tales”

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