IP#197 Dr. Taylor Marshall – The Eternal City on Inside the Pages

I’ve had the blessing of reading many wonderful books, but this one in particular, Taylor-Marshallhas become a fast favorite!  Dr. Taylor Marshall has penned one of those works that you want to take the time to completely absorb, but also want to read quickly because it such a great story.  What a joy.  Filled with unexpected connections, rich in fascinating  details, and abundant with “I-knew-that-but-I-didn’t-know-I-knew-that” moments, Dr. Marshall’s gifted teaching and storytelling engages the mind and the heart of his reader.  He pours fuel on the fire of our ongoing conversion. This is a great gift to give to yourself and to someone you know who desires a fuller appreciation of our Roman Catholic faith. A must have for your Catholic library. (P.S. Scripture devotees and Patristic fans are going to LOVE this book)

The-Eternal-CityYou can find the book here

Also check out Dr. Marshall’s “Canterbury Tales” website

From the book description:

Read this book if you have ever wondered why the Catholic Church specifically claims to be Roman? It would seem that the Church of Jesus Christ would be centered in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jews, since Christ died and rose again in Jerusalem. Catholic theologian Taylor Marshall, Ph.D. provides a layman’s account of how Christ chose the Rome as an instrument of redemption for the nations. Beginning with the Old Testament prophets, Dr. Marshall explains how the Messiah would come and assume reign over the nations through the Roman Empire. This book provides an exciting and popular account establishing Rome as ‘the Eternal City’ of Christ the King.

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1 thought on “IP#197 Dr. Taylor Marshall – The Eternal City on Inside the Pages”

  1. I loved that you made the move before you knew WHY we are in ROME!!! That took faith. I used to wonder, as a strong protestant, why Paul kept saying, “I HAVE TO GO TO ROME!” He just would not give up on that – and I thought, like you, “You Ninny, Jerusalem is where it is!” But when he kept saying it over and over, “I HAVE TO GO TO ROME!” and he and Peter ended there – I knew it was because Paul had it right – I am not certain Paul really knew the Church should be there or would be there FOREVER, but he was listening to the Holy Spirit and knew he had to “get otta’ here and go to Rome!” Also Daniel was interesting.

    So when Tom and I came into Full Communion with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church we said emphatically, “We are ROMAN CATHOLICS!” And, yes, I have all three of your great books! Kris was right, you have an incredible blog! Easy to use and so neat and clean!

    Appreciating, Terry

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