IP#154 Mark Shea – The Heart of Catholic Prayer on Inside the Pages

Mark Shea once again gives us an outstanding resource to grow in our Catholic faith!  This time its with “The Heart of Catholic Prayer:  Rediscovering the Our Father and the Hail Mary”.  Mark takes great care and time with varied sections of each prayer and helps us to deeply reflect on the mystery contained within them.  Both meditative and catechetical, what we will find is a treasure house of grace, which if pondered deeply, will unite us closer to the heart of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Outstanding!

You can find Mark’s book here

To learn and understand the Our Father and Hail Mary is to learn the deepest contours of the Church’s interior life, for both are prayers that come from the Holy Spirit, who is the soul of the Church. 

Experience the ordinary truths of the Faith that the Church has always taught, but in ways which will generate a spark of recognition in the contemporary mind. Upon completion of this book, you will never recite either of these prayers in the same way again.

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