Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 5 – Mp3 audio and text


Dear Lady of Consolation,
Queen of Peace,
be with me now as I pray.
Join your prayers to mine
as I bring my needs before
our most loving Father
and His Divine Son.

Throughout your life, dear Mother,
you offered all around you
a most perfect example
of gentleness and peace.
It is for that inner peace,
that lovely calm in my own life,
that I pray.

Help me to quiet myself
in the midst of the activity around me.
Guide me in the way of peace
that I may seek the time to be still
and hear the gentle voice of our Father.

Mary, please pray for me
that I may quiet myself
in order to learn more of Jesus, our Lord.
Through Him we have the way to the Father.
Help me to take more time each day for prayer,
for deepening my relationship with Christ.
Guide me in the way
of opening myself to His peace.

Pray with me now,
kind and gentle Mother,
for my special intentions.


May your gentleness ever be my example
and may the peace of Christ
fill my heart always.


Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 4 – Mp3 audio and text


Mary, Mother of Consolation,
again I come before you in prayer.
Help me to pray to our most loving Father.
Ever guide me to seek in my life
His divine will.
Help me to hold before my eyes
the saving life of your Son.

You are the chosen, Mary,
for your magnificent answer
to the desire of the Father,
the prompting of the Holy Spirit
and the request of the angel.
Your openness to the Father
has given joy to the world.
The Son of God your Son
and our Lord and Savior,
became man through your answer.

Oh Mary, grant that I might offer myself
to the Father as you did.
Help me on the true path of holiness;
this is the Father’s desire for me.
Assist me through your prayers
that I too might agree
to the prompting of the Holy Spirit within me.
Help me to offer others around me
the example your Son expects me to be.

In a special way,
I ask you to pray with me for these,
the main intentions of this novena.


Holy Mary, I offer my prayers
for all of God’s people,
for the needs of all mankind.
We are all pilgrims ever on our way
toward our heavenly home.
Watch over us and guide us;
lead us to your Son, Jesus,
our Lord and Savior.


Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 3 – Mp3 audio and text


Holy Mary, Mother of God,
bless me today.
Bless me and join me in prayer.

I am so lacking in patience, dear Mary.
I grow so weary and unhappy at times.
There are days when I even find it difficult
to raise my heart and mind in prayer.

Teach me, most holy Mother,
to turn to you as an example.
Your life is a most perfect example of patience,
acceptance and love.

How truly you can be called
“Mother of Consolation.”
You knew the ultimate grief
of witnessing the earthly death
of your loving Son.
You saw, as so few mothers do,
your own flesh and blood,
hurt, bleeding, and despised,
as He climbed Calvary.
This most precious offering of Himself
to all mankind,
you saw mocked and ridiculed.
Through all of this
you continued to offer for all time
the perfect example of a most patient
and compassionate mother.

Holy Mother, I ask you to help me
become more accepting and patient.
May I ever follow your example
and strive to make these virtues
of patience and acceptance
more real in my own life.

Pray for me, please, dear Mother.
Ask our blessed Lord to make me more like you.
Ask Him also for my very special intentions.


Keep me in your love, Blessed Mary,
and guide me always closer
to your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 2 – Mp3 audio and text


Gentle Queen of Heaven, Mary, my Mother,
kindly turn your eyes toward me.
You who are so filled with compassion
and love for all your children on this earth,
be with me now as I kneel before you.

I call to mind, Mary,
the joy you gave to this world.
Your acceptance of the desire
of our loving Father gave all of us Jesus,
our Lord and our Savior.
You in turn, kind Mother,
knew the joy of holding God in your arms,
of guiding His first steps,
of bringing Him to manhood.
It is with a heart filled with gratitude,
dear Mother of God,
that I recall the joys in your life
which have given me a most wonderful Savior.

Blessed Mary, Mother of Consolation,
through the joy you knew with Jesus on earth
and the unending joy of being with Him in heaven,
please pray with me now.
Ask our Lord to assist me in this need of mine.


Grant also, Blessed Mother,
that I may reflect the joy I have in my life.
I am so blessed by Our Lord.
His Gospel of love
must always remain in my heart and on my lips.


Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 1 – Mp3 audio and text


Blessed Mary, Mother of Consolation,
I ask you to pray with me now
as I come before you as your child.
Kindly be with me, dear Mother;
guide me in your gentle way.

It was after nine days of prayer
in the upper room that you, Mary,
and the close friends of Jesus
received the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Behold me then, most kind Mother,
as I too pray for nine days,
in humble imitation of you.

Blessed Queen of heaven,
you are the chosen one of our most loving Father.
You are the Blessed Mother of God,
our Savior, Jesus.
You are most close to His heart.
Please join your prayers to mine.

Pray with me, Mary,
for these intentions,
these needs that are on my mind and in my heart.


Above all, dear Mother,
keep me always as your devoted child.
May I ever have before my eyes
your beautiful example of acceptance
of the will of the Father.
May I ever strive to hold in my heart
the teaching of your most blessed Son,
my Lord Jesus Christ.