What is The New Evangelization with Fr. Peter Cameron, O.P.
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From Dominican Friars of the St. Joseph Province

Watch the video below of Father Peter John Cameron, O.P., editor-in-chief of “Magnificat” magazine, delivering the keynote address at a Catholic Convocation in the Diocese of Raleigh. Using humor and anecdotes, Fr. Cameron spoke about the Year of Faith and New Evangelization. “To put it simply, it [the New Evangelization] is an attraction,” he said. Fr. Cameron added that the New Evangelization is about awareness of the need to rediscover our faith, attentiveness to a lived experience (realizing the needs of people today) and an honest appeal to what really moves people. He spoke of three essentials that Blessed Pope John Paul II said must be present in the New Evangelization: ardor, methods and expression. He provided an example of each, noting that ardor must reflect a love for all that is human.

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    TERRIFIC- it was all I could do to stay and keep listening because I truly wanted to send this to others, post it, gert everyone to answer the Questions at about 25

    TERRIFIC All of it – I will be talking about this all day and forever . . .

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