“Contraception is NOT health care” – a young priest shares from his heart
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Fr. Michael Contraception is NOT health care   a young priest shares from his heart

This weekend, we had the blessing to experience the kind of homily we had been praying we would hear from the pulpit.  It was given by Fr. Michael Voithofer, a very humble, hardworking young priest of the Archdiocese of Omaha.  He shared his  love for all of us in the Church and what responsibility he felt he had in that love.  And then he powerfully took on the contraception issue….wow.   It was really, really well done.  It wasn’t with a hammer he delivered this witness, but with a loving care for truth. Some got up and left…yup. But this tough message received sustained applause when he finished…wow.  It was really quite a remarkable thing to experience… challenge to us all.

If you don’t have the time to watch the  video you can download the Mp3 here:  

play audio Contraception is NOT health care   a young priest shares from his heart

Be sure to check out Fr. Michael’s website:  “Wedding Feast of the Lamb

a04 Contraception is NOT health care   a young priest shares from his heart
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  1. Cheryl Erker says:

    God Bless Fr. Michael stepping out and speaking the truth!!

  2. Amen!!!!! That was wonderful! Thank you Fr. Michael for your courageous response to our current situation! And yes, God is using this to draw his church into deeper dependence upon him. I also see that he is using it to awaken some of his Priests…certainly not meaning you however…you have always been a flame for Jesus!!! Miss you! Keep letting your heart speak!

  3. Lisa Nance says:

    Way to go Fr. Michael for taking the courage and the steps to boldly preach the gospel. I pray that your fellow priests will live the same courage for love of their spiritual children.

  4. Annette Kelleher says:

    Father Michael,

    Thank you for speaking the truth with such love and clarity!!!St. Roberts is so blessed to witness such courage.

  5. MisterH says:

    With all the controversy over the mandate, there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach out with the good news of NFP.

    It is a simple message: “Natural Family Planning is a healthy and morally acceptable alternative to contraception, is science-based, is 99% effective, and is not, repeat not, the so-called ‘rhythm method.’ And there is no cost. NFP is free!”

    Forward the following link to all who you think might benefit from it:

  6. Kristine Prem says:

    Abundant graces were flowing that day. I heard you “live” at Mass with this homily at the earlier Mass, and for those who were not there and only see this video, I just want to point out that the congregation of a packed church erupted into applause four times during this preaching! The Lord working through you reaches everyone from young to old. My friend’s 4-year old heard you and said “I pray for him.” The teens that I have with me had tears in their eyes as you told them you laid down your life and love them as their dad. My 80-year-old dad attends Mass with me each week because of the poignant homilies and leans over and whispers, “that priest is winning souls for the Kingdom.” We all love you, but most importantly, we love Christ and His Spirit in you. Know that we appreciate your challenge. May we all preach and live with Christ’s love that not one will be lost! I love you very much, and may you continue to let Christ renew His graces that you seek and speak God’s truth.

  7. emily says:

    thanks for such a great sermon. truly i say to you unless you become children in speach you will never be able to attract people to God

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