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  1. Jeff says:

    if you have time, please pray for our 3 year old daughter that she will get better, and not need a trach or g-tube, and that she will be able to talk and eat and breath on her own.
    God Bless and thank you
    Jeff and Yuly

  2. Jeff and Yuly: My prayers are with you and your daughter, may God Bless you with a miracle. Everything is possible through our Lord.

    Silvia Maldonado, OFS

  3. Jyoti says:

    Dear Brother and Sister in Christ Jesus my Lord.

    God is the Supreme Giver of life and so do not worry. He will take care of everything. He will breathe His breath into your daughter. I make this prayer in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

  4. brian says:

    if you have time could you pray for me and allison, that we may move away to be near my mum so we can be there to assist her, in these troubling times, god bless you

  5. josephine okenyuri says:

    the lord is with you and he has already heard your prayers what you need to do is to trust in him and everything will be grant remain blessed.

  6. declan vincent mitchell says:

    please pray for my daughter karek who is waiting on a double transplant
    Thank You

  7. Ann P says:

    Please pray for success to get a decent home for my mum and bro. to stay with us. Also healing from all sickness in my family.

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